Built with the complexity of patient support in mind, OkRx ManageMedTM CRM allows you to meet the workflow demands of any regional or national specialty medication care offering or Patient Support Program (PSP).

OkRx ManageMedTM connects with your internal and external systems to bring together a seamless workflow across all steps of specialty medication patient support.

Email Integration

Email integration lets you automatically capture your messages to and from any stakeholder. Reply to emails from within the CRM and connect emails or their attachments directly to records in the CRM.

Automated Tasks

Automated task creation and closure reduces the handling of tasks to make processes more efficient, employees more productive and ensures tasks do not get lost or forgotten.

Written Communications

Automate written documents commonly used by your team through customizable templates that pre-populate key information to save time and ensure consistency of all outbound correspondence.

Patient Education & Training

Schedule, track and assess outcomes of your Programs patient education efforts.

Pharmacy Network Management

Arrange prescription deliveries electronically and track performance metrics across all associated pharmacies in your network.

Caregiver Communications

Communicate with approved patient caregivers electronically throughout the patient treatment journey to obtain Consents and share or collect healthcare information.

Prescriber Management

Capture your prescriber preferences across different practice sites to ensure services are provided as requested.

Program Coordination

Modern regimens require multiple therapies meaning your patient may be involved in several PSPs. Track important milestones across other programs from a centralized resource to ensure holistic management of your patient.

Self Service Administration

Setup and configure custom workflows through easy-to-use administrative controls and without involving your team IT resources.

Laboratory Coordination

Manage and document required testing and lab assessment for both the pre- and post- treatment needs of your patients.

Reimbursement Navigation

Track all insurer details including coverage investigations, prior authorizations and appeals for your patient.

No Charge Drug Management

Track and manage bridging, compassionate and other Free Drug program requests and electronically escalate cases to your Sponsor when needed.

Financial Assistance Tracking

Assess patients for Financial Assistance using highly configurable data collection tools that coordinate, manage and report on financial assistance payments.

Chart Notes

Centrally view all notes, attachments, generated written communications, recorded calls, uploaded emails, and outstanding tasks associated with a patient profile.

Multi-language localization

System generated written communications can be sent in any language.

Clinical Information

Capture medical conditions, lab observations, and allergies using HL7 and FHIR compliant data standards and link these records to clinical protocol steps as they are completed.

Medication Details

Capture full details on patient medication history, prescription orders, dispenses and delivery for any medication using HL7 and FHIR compliant data standards.

Protocol Automations

Create customizable clinical and operational protocols that can be triggered automatically to any drug or Program enrolment to generate standard workflow activities for users.

Distribution Order Management

Coordinate and manage distribution of drug and non-drug items required by your Programs.

Easy Setup

Configure a new program for single or multiple brands in less than 24hrs.

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