Social Responsibility

Using technology to shape sustainability and inclusiveness within healthcare and the communities we live in.

Technology enabled Social Capitalism

Our social purpose is at the heart of all our business decisions: how we invest in our innovative technologies, what our local healthcare community partners are saying they need most, and through diversified job creation. Our social purpose is reflected in our daily pursuit of leveraging innovative technology to enhance healthcare ecosystems for its disparate stakeholders to enable impactful human outcomes. By harmonizing the experience for all patients and their healthcare stakeholders we can ultimately improve outcomes for patients, healthcare teams, and society. Our purpose is also environmentally focused through the elimination of paper-waste - through our support of the movement to #AxetheFax OkRx has eliminated over 60,000 pages of paper-waste to-date

Experts in Patient Assistance Programs and Specialty Pharmacy
Electronically managed prior authorization and enrolment forms

Our Sustainability Pillars

  • To empower patient connectivity
  • To help everyone live healthier lives
  • To help take care of our Planet
  • To invest where we live

Cultivating Innovation Through Inclusion

We strive to be as inclusive and diverse as the very mission and stakeholders we serve, and are committed to learning, listening, and embracing different perspectives and experiences. We continue to create an inclusive and welcoming workplace for everyone to evolve and grow. Our commitment is to ensure that every OkRx customer and team member is valued, their contributions are recognized, and they can thrive in a safe and equitable environment. We strive for this though:

Complete Prior Authorization and Enrolment forms at every touchpoint
  • Continually identifying unconscious biases and eliminating barriers to inclusion for racialized people and other marginalized groups.
  • Fostering an inclusive work and coaching culture
  • Empowering everyone to prioritize work-life quality and well-being through remote-based work environments.
  • Creating innovative technology that improves accessibility for customers and team members.
  • Leading by example through our hiring and retention practices to ensure safe and welcoming workspace for all, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation.