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Program Providers

Partner with OkRx to enhance the digital offerings of your Programs.

Solutions that let Program Providers provide a complete solution

OkRx offers Patient Program providers with a customizable workflow management system with interfaces to all stakeholders involved in the specialty medication prior authorization and support process. Our solution is customizable to fit your organization and can connect to your CRM or stakeholder facing digital platform.

  • Leverage OkRx's modern interface and API to connect with your CRM
  • An end-to-end digital solution that works across all your programs. available to all your programs.
  • Reduce development and infrastructure costs through automation of the specialty medication prescribing and prior authorization processes.

Helps determine optimal reimbursement path

Digitally engage patients

For consent, signatures, and information collection

Improve provider and patient satisfaction
Reduce time to fill
Expand specialty drug offering
More efficient staff

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