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Unparalleled connectivity to the stakeholders you rely on to deliver the values of your Brand.

Don’t loose prescriptions you have already won.

Decrease prescription abandonment, improve Patient Program capture rate and improve time-to-therapy for the patients on your Brand. Patients often experience delays in accessing their medications due to complex Prior Authorization and Patient Program processes. These complexities often have a direct impact on a prescriber’s decision to initiate certain therapies. OkRx’s cloud based service helps by facilitating access to information through a centralized workflow and communication engine and streamlining processes across stakeholders.

Connect your CRM to our stakeholder facing digital platform

Leverage OkRx's modern interface and API to connect with your CRM for an end-to-end digital solution across all of your programs.

Benefits include:
  • Reduced patient abandonment
  • Increased market access
  • Remove barriers to patient care
  • Greater visibility through data insights

Benefits of connecting your Program to our interface
  • Common modern platform for all of your programs using current data standards
  • Data integrity built in from the start

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