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Healthcare Providers

OkRx enables healthcare providers to streamline workflows for Prior Authorizations and other Patient Program interactions to increase productivity.

Ditch the paperwork

Our digital platform streamlines the process of collecting, saving and distributing all of the information required to obtain reimbursement and financial assistance in one spot. OKRX electronically connects Healthcare Providers, Payers, Patients and Manufacturer Programs to facilitate the drug reimbursement process, reducing the need for faxes and phone calls.

Healthcare Providers

Our platform streamlines what is currently a multi-step, manual process, often involving different platforms for different treatments, into a single, digitally-enabled format. This allows providers who treat complex conditions to manage all of their complex patients in a single spot from anywhere.

  • Electronic Prior Authorization Forms – all in a single spot
  • SMART Path AI – helps determine optional reimbursement pathway
  • QUICK Path – Customized streamlined workflows for common processes
  • Digitally engage patients for consents, signatures and information collection
  • Efficiency – more efficient staff and reduced turnaround time for paperwork associated with the specialty medication prescribing process

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