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About OkRx

OkRx believes...

OkRx facilitates Prior Authorization and Enrolment Forms electronically to help take the guesswork and paperwork out of medication coverage for Patients, their Healthcare Providers, and Drug Plans.

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Who We Are

At OkRx we blended a team of experts in Patient Assistance Programs, Specialty Pharmacy, and BioPharma with experts in Technology, Data Architecture, and User Experience to solve a glaring hurdle in Patient care – thePrior Authorization and Enrolment form paperwork associated with medication coverage.


Twenty years after the introduction of Prior Authorization Forms the number of medications requiring them today has risen sharply Advancements to connect the growing number of touchpoints involved in facilitating these forms has significantly lagged other industries. Prior Authorization and Enrolment forms remain cumbersome and time-consuming to complete, with difficult to read faxes leading to consuming phone calls. The coordination of signatures with multiple parties leads to delays in Patient treatment. OkRx is focused on eliminating this through streamlining a pathway for Providers, Payers, Pharmacies, Patients, and BioPharma organizations to manage Prior Authorization and Enrolment Forms electronically.

Our centralized platform lets all stakeholders come together to share information and track progress in real-time to improve access to medications, reduce healthcare administration costs and improve Patient outcomes. Our modern technologies, data analytics and interoperability standards allow OkRx to accelerate the process of submitting, monitoring, and completing Prior Authorization and Enrolment Forms at every touchpoint in in the Specialty medication process.